Google Home Room Control

Hi all,

Got google assistant set up and controlling devices just fine, but something I assumed would be basic functionality seems missing or broken.

I can’t ask it to turn a room off. If I say ‘turn off the bedroom’ I get ‘sorry, I don’t know which bedroom you mean’. Same for the kitchen and hallway. Livingroom seems to work.

I have tried deleting the rooms and remaking and still get the same problem. Any ideas anyone?

The name in the entity_config is what you need to be saying.
ie. Turn off room one, turn off room two
then you can make a google assistant voice shortcut on your phone which will span across all device it’s linked to and customise.
ie. when I say “turn off my room” have google assistant do “turn off room two”.
ie. when I say “turn off gaming room” have google assistant do “turn off room one”.

- light.bedroom_light
- light.bedroom_light2
name: Room one
room: bedroom1
name: Room two
room: bedroom2

I’m having the same problem, when I say “turn on lights” then they all go on. But when I ask the lights in the bedroom, he does not understand :frowning: