Google Home Secure PIN not being prompted on garage covers

Hi All,

I have 2 garage doors set up as covers in HA, and a Nabucasa trial in progress with Google Home integrated. The 2 doors show up in Google Home and I can open and close them reliably by telling Google to do so, but I never get prompted for a PIN.

I’ve set a 4 digit PIN in the integration settings for Nabucasa, but for some reason it just doesnt work. I saw in previous threads that the “device_type” for the cover can make a difference, so changed this to “garage” from the default but that didnt make any difference either (I did restart and resync too). I havent tried the “door” type yet, but didnt think I should have to in order for it to work.

What are some other things I could try? Since it works without PIN prompt, I havent seen any errors in logs but then again dont know specifically where I should be looking either.

Would appreciate any help.

After you changed the device type, did you sync Google Home ?
“Hey google, sync my devices”

yep, the icon in Google Home changed and it shows up as device type ‘garage’ now, but the behaviour didnt change.

interestingly, Google Assistant has started randomly requesting the PIN prompt. Probably about 60% of the time it will ask for the PIN, and the other 40% it will just open it without asking for a PIN.

Yesterday evening for the first time it asked for the PIN, then the next morning it opened without, and that next night it prompted for the PIN again… very inconsistent