Google Home TTS - Finally working

This is not a shout for help. Quite the opposite actually.
I’ve in the past year wanted to get TTS to work with my google homes from within Home Assistant.
I’ve been able to get the chime that comes just when she is about to say something, but nothing comes out of the speaker.
It even makes a local mp3 with what was supposed to be sayd.

I’ve seen tons of places that you need and nginx proxy for it to work.
Some say that it works without any probs even without a proxy though.
I however, have been struggling to get this to work.
So this post is for others that have been struggling like me, and I hope this will help them to get it resolved.

I have a custom personal domain, (example ofc :slight_smile:)
I’m running HassIO as a VM on unRAID and i’ve gone the route of nginx proxy.
I’m using the Nginx Proxy Manager provided by @frenck (our addon developer super hero)
This alone did’n do the trick though. Not without the rest of Home Assistant to be configured correctly ofc.

On the home assistant site of things, everything is set up to be http only.
I’ve made subdomain that is called that points to my external ip address.
It is important that the subdomain is made up front for it to work.
I installed the nginx proxy and forwarded port 80 and 443 (http and https ports) to it.
When that is set up you have to make a new ‘Proxy Host’ in here I’ve done the following:

Be aware that you only select http and not https in the ‘Scheme’ section, and enter your internal url for homeassistant.
then tab to SSL before saying ‘Save’ and make the following setup:

If you haven’t forwarded port 80 and 443 in your router, you will get an error when saving this.
If those ports aren’t forwarded the proxy can’t authenticate the address and will result in an error. So make sure this is done.
The same goes for the subdomain ( if this does not point to your external IP, it will fail too.

This is where I’ve been stuck for a while and gave up on the project, since it still did’n work for me.
Until i ventured back some months later with a fresh mind.
I started fooling around with the base_url: in the home assistant configuration
and figured that if i stated my local http url here it worked like a charm.

  #ssl_certificate: /ssl/fullchain.pem
  #ssl_key: /ssl/privkey.pem

(The ssl entries is from before i used the proxy and is not used anymore since the proxy handles the certificate now)
I hope this helps someone out there, because it haven’t been easy (for me at least) to get usable information that would make it work.

But now it does, and I’m driving my wife nuts with voice notifications from here on out!
Please let me know if i need to elaborate further on anything.

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Ohh and by the way. On the Google assistant setup you use the new https link for your HassIO instance:

and here: