Google home update

Morning all,

So Google have finally updated the home app! You can now have a bit more control of devices connected through it, but not much!
One of my major gripes is that you still cannot add a light to more than one room. So say, an office & downstairs.

I’m going to have a play soon with integrating my hassio install with it, which will hopefully bridge the holes.

after upgrade to new version of app, google home don’t see anymore scripts from hassio :frowning:
I lost possibilities to control few of my devices

With updated Google home app there is also new feature to manage several houses. It seems that config format in cloud and ga components should be somehow changed to follow new device’s assignment method (house->room). The assignment keeps changing from time to time after synchronisation.

Have you found how to get them back? I’m going to try using input Boolean toggles to trigger them I guess