Google integration installed: Google assistant asks to log in through google home app

I have installed the Google Cast integration in HA. This worked perfectly for some time. I have 3 google assistant speakers (2 JBL en 1 Harman Kardon) and 3 tv’s with chromecast devices in my home.

Since about 2 months ago, when talk to home assistant the JBL speakers Google assistant replies with: “please log in through the google home app”. (Or in dutch actually: “log in via de google home app”.) Once it’s doing that, there are 3 options to solve this, but they only work temporarily:

  • unplug the power and restart the device
  • reset the device and reconnect it
  • unlink account and reconnect it.
    Then the Google assistant works correctly again. After a couple of hours or maybe the nex day the issue will occur again. I have tried all 3 options without long term success. Now I just unplug the device for 10 seconds.
    But… if I remove the Google cast integration the issue disappears. As soon as I reinstall the integration the problem is back.
    I have no additional configuration done, besides the one done by the integration itself. The external url is added via the UI. The integration finds all cast devices without any problems.

If I search for “login through the google home app” it more people have the same problems. In this Reddit post it is also linked to Home assistant Cast integration:

Is this a known problem? Is there a permanent solution?

Same problem here. Haven’t found any solutions yet. After the Google Home update a couple of months ago, my JBL 200 speakers started asking for logging in to the google home app every day and also my Nest thermostat stopped working.
This is so disappointing. A lot of functionality gets lost if we can’t integrate speakers to HA.