Google_maps_... Attributes


i have a question

i have a google_maps integration in Hassio and i whant to retrieve the attributes connected on this device
i can see these in states, but i cant acces them.
i whant to get the charging state, this to activate or deactivate lights etc
Can somebody help me on the way ?
i want to do this in yaml

source_type: gps
gps_accuracy: xx
address: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
full_name: name
id: ‘xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’
last_seen: ‘yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss.+00:00’
nickname: Moi
battery_charging: false
battery_level: 76

What is the entity_id of the device?

And you want to trigger an automation do to something?

It will be something like this:

  platform: state
  entity_id: tracker.whatever # your entity that has these attributes here
  attribute: battery_charging
  to: true
 ... your actions here

More on triggers here: