Google Maps Location Sharing and entity_registry.yaml

I’ve successfully set up and am running the google maps location sharing.

One thing that I do find a bit odd however is that it uses known_devices.yaml for it’s configuration rather than the more ‘usual’ entity_registry.yaml.

Is there a good reason for this? It would seem to be to be a good idea to use entity registry instead, since then you can customise the name to be more suitable.

I expect this is due to historical reasons. If I were to fix the code to do this better, would that get accepted as a push?


google maps is a device tracker…entities from a device tracker are always found in known_devices.yaml

Ahh yes, I’d figured that out just this morning. Kinda annoying that the device name ends up being device_tracker.google_maps_108054508986546828241 rather than device_tracker.penny.

There’s no way to find the device by the friendly name for scripts and stuff is there?