Google Maps Location Sharing - Slow Updates - Polling duration?

I’ve been in the process of trying to switch from GPSlogger to google maps location sharing on my android S7. GPSlogger worked great, I set the parameters and seemed to get good locations every 20 seconds with very seldom zone errors. The only reason for the change is that my wife doesn’t want yet another app on her phone (I don’t blame her) and I thought using the built in module would be best anyways.

I followed the instructions for the component and everything setup fine once I followed the advice of deleting the .cookies file, ensuring that the login attempt is authorize, and restarting a few times.

The component is working, but is really slow to update. Often it is many hours behind. I haven’t found any settings on the S7 to adjust it. I’m not familiar with the API either. Is there a way to set a polling duration to some number of seconds? Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

I’m runnin hassbian on a rpi 3 with homeassistant 0.79.3

The polling period is hard coded to 30 seconds. But that’s not the issue. The issue is actual updates (i.e., new data) from the server. And this (i.e., sometimes slow updates) is not an uncommon experience. At least that is what I often see, too.

There are many presence solutions around (which you can find if you search around this forum) but what works best for me is a combination of Life360, Google Maps Location Sharing and Ping. I’ve posted this before, but in case you missed it, you can find information about my Life360 and Composite custom components starting here.

Thanks for the reply! I really like your life360 component and will try setting g it up tonight. I’ve been using nmap with little success (intermittent) bit wasn’t aware of Ping so I’ll give that a try. Might even give your composite method a go. I prefer the logic you’ve used compared to the built in one that just uses whatever updated last.

Thanks again.

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Any plans to add Life360 to HA natively?