Google maps presence detection not showing phone

I recently added the google maps presence detection component but it is not showing my phone.I created a zone but thats about all

I am sure it connected to the email address I gave it to it because I could see it on my devices. I got Nothing of a malicious sign in

Have you taken a look at this thread?

yes I did nothing worked

You should probably share your config and logs in this thread
You can track people that shares locations with the email you define in the configuration.yaml

so you made sure to create an additional account and you are sharing your accounts location to the additional account? You need to use that additional account in your config.

I re-did the the process it started to show a component. But it is not showing in the map

check your known_devices.yaml for your device_tracker.google_maps and check the track setting

assuming you dont get any errors for the component upon start

Can I ask where is this file

configuration directory

Ok thx I will check it out later