Google Nest access

Nest - Home Assistant Proposes how to access Nest items via Home assistant.

Nest Error 400: invalid_request · Issue #67662 · home-assistant/core · GitHub suggested this be brought to this forum, since many others are failing to follow those instructions.

Confusion with me is between ‘home’ users (internal, i.e. no internet access) and commercial users. A further differentiation seems to be between ‘home’ users with and without Google workspace (Google ‘office’ suite).
Back and forth with Google is failing to resolve this. I’ve a feeling they don’t appreciate the home assistant class of user.

Latest from them is
After a debate with Google, the most promising response is:

Hi,Thank you for your patience while we reviewed your project.It looks like your app is only used by the people in your domain, so your project doesn’t need to be verified.(Learn more about internal vs. public users).

[ Link is Setting up OAuth 2.0 - Google Cloud Platform Console Help]

Note: internal use and personal use are different. Applications for Internal Use

If this is correct, please let us know by replying to this email. We’ll then close your request, and you can update your project from public to internal by following these steps:
to Google Cloud Console
Select the project ID: xxx (id:yyy)
Go to OAuth Consent Screen under APIs & Services
Go to User Type
Select Make Internal

Click Save

which fails, seems to require a google workspace payment.