Google Nest Battery Doorbell - URL for Image

Hi, I have recently purchased a Google Nest Battery Doorbell (Australia if relevant). I have got it set up working and have gone through the Google Developer setup etc. and have got it to the stage I can see the image / video when I go to the Settings - Google Nest - Followed by clicking on the sensor tile for Front Door Bell

What I want to be able to do is access a snapshot from the camera which I would then be looking to send to my TV utilising PIPup on Android TV.

Issue I have is can’t work out / access the snapshot URL. In developer tools under the “camera.front_door_doorbell” I have the following properties (note: have changed a few of the characters for security purposes
*access_token: f9ba774b76e2d357df2189e55d34d55494b17b07de04ebcb72eb66aae1303cc7
*entity_picture: /api/camera_proxy/camera.front_door_doorbell?token=f9ba774b76e2d357df2189e55d34d55494b17b07de04ebcb72eb66aae1303cc7

the URL for my home assistant instance is “” so I would have therefore assumed the snapshot image based on above would be at “

It kind of seems like it should be right cause it kind of works but shows a completely blank snapshot (but seems to have a slight whitening near the upper half of the right side. Verified this by changing a character of the token and it gives a 403 Error. Thought it may have been that the camera wasn’t streaming so set up a stream in one browser through the Settings → Google Nest section and then whilst watching that image in another browser trying to go the URL I would expect to work and its blank.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong or how to access this. Ideally would like to be able to access the snapshot / video links but would settle for the snapshot for now. Much appreciate any guidance.

Update 5/12: Still same issue but the following may also be relevant

  1. Have added a Picture Glance Card to my dashboard. If I select the Live option I can also see the video here. If I select the auto option I get the same black image that I get if I go to the above picture entity URL with the light spot on near the upper right of the image.
  2. Have also noticed in documentation it shows images of 3 entities for the doorbell where as I only have one. Not sure if this is somehow relevant and if so what I need to do to get the other 2.
  3. Perhaps the most relevant when I open the Entity in Settings → Devices and Services → Entities → and I select the doorbell which initiates the video feed for approximately 2 seconds before the video starts I see the black image with the light spot near the upper right. So suspect this is maybe related to why I get that as my image snapshot. The question is how to resolve

Hi, how did you add the doorbell ? Im trying to add via google nest but its not allowing me to add the doorbell in the end because the doorbell isnt showing in nest website.

How did you manage to add the doorbell ? thanks in advance.

Hi, I set the doorbell up in Google Home app (Not Nest) per the instructions with the doorbell. Then followed the Home Assistant Nest Integration Here.
Yes its a little confusing its called a Nest Doorbell but set up in Google Home (think if your using Nest Aware features that may then flow over to Nest app but not sure). Also when you then set up in HA your setting it up as a Nest. But anyway it is the way it is. Hope that helps you along the way.

Note: Have just had a quick look and it appears the Wired version of the doorbell may need to be set up through the Nest APP first before you can add it to Google Home. Way to go Google. NOT!!! So if you have the wired version perhaps need to look into this more as it may be where your issue is.