Google Nest cameras black and say streaming

I am setting up google nest in HA. Been a while since I did any google cloud projects - but I blindly followed the instructions and got it integrated. I have 5 cameras. One is an actual older Nest doorbell that sill works with Nest app, the other 4 are Google cameras that do not work with Nest app anymore. On my HA dashboard, the cameras all come up, but only the nest door bell has an image, the other 4 are black. If I click on the black square then it does come up and show me video of the camera. Is this the way it is meant to work? Or am I doing something wrong. Sorry, forgot to mention I am complete newb at HA, but I have worked in IT for like 45 years :slight_smile: so I am pretty handy at making things work. Thanks.


so I google some more and found that people were saying that setting the picture to ‘live’ worked for this problem… but puts a big strain on the RPi - which I am using, but I am not adverse to running HA on something more powerful, just getting started… however I can not find the ‘live’ button to configure this :frowning: I have clicked on settings etc but can not find this… any help on finding where the live radio button is for the camera? thanks

seem to have found it when adding the camera to my own dashboard I created and there is a live button there and that seems to work now… finding my way around :slight_smile:

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