Google nest doorbell (battery) stream

So I have this successfully integrated into HA. When looking at the device on the dashboard it will open the stream of the doorbell. Annoyingly sometimes if i accidentally click the dashboard it’ll load the stream even though I’ll browse to another page. Then I can hear the wind blowing in the background and have to refresh the page before it’ll stop.

My issue is I wanted to stream the doorbell to my Samsung TV via Chromecast Ultra whenever the doorbell is pressed. We’ve got small kids so I often mute the google speakers in the evening but if we’re watching TV I want it to pop up there.

Unfortunately I cannot get this to work. It says streaming is not supported? But this shows “streaming”

Any help would be appreciated. All the posts regarding nest battery are quite old. My only alternative is this doesn’t work is turn my Tapo camera that is on the veranda around so that it points at the front door instead of the driveway and it’l stream to the TV whenever the doorbell is pressed.