Google Nest Hub Cast Display Sizing Wrong


I laid out a custom Lovelace design that was working perfectly via cast to my Google Nest Hub screen. A few HA updates ago, it now only works well half of the time. The problem is that half the time, it looks perfect - filling the entire Nest Hub screen - as it has been doing since design. But the other half of the time when it is activated via automation (hue motion sensor) it takes up less than a third of the screen and is too small to be useful. Please see screenshots for examples. I haven’t found a pattern of why it works sometimes and not others - how can I get it to consistently show full screen like it always used to do? TIA!

I have no idea how to help but that looks slick! Does it stay on the screen? I read somewhere that after a short while (couple of minutes) the Hub clears it(?)

Thank you! Unfortunately, it times out after approx. 10 minutes, but that ended up working out okay for my needs. It’s activated by a motion sensor, so as long as someone is moving around, the Lovelace tab is activated.