Google Nest Hub has status "Unavailable"

I have 3 Chromecasts, 1 Google Nest Max and 1 Google Nest Hub (2nd gen) in my house.
I have the Google Cast integration installed in HA.
I see all the devices in HA.
My problem is that my Google Nest Hub entity has the status “Unavailable” and I can’t change that status.
Therefore I am not able to cast anything to that device.
Casting to the other devices is no problem.

Anyone any idea how I can solve this?

The simple options:

  • Restart device
  • Reload Cast integration
  • Restart Home Assistant

Can you cast from other sources or is it just Home Assistant?
Have you looked into network issues?

Hi Florian,

I have done all 3 suggestions, but without result.
I can cast to the Google Nest Hub from all other sources withou any problem.
It is also available in the Google Home app.

Only in HA the device is unavailable.

Hi Florian,

I have moved the nest hub to the first floor of my house and now HA sees it and is able to cast dashboard.
I don’t understand it, but the problem is solved.

Thx for your help.