Google Nest Hub's alarms

I have a google nest hub in my bedroom that I use as an alarm clock, and I have a helper in Home assistant called “Holidays” that stops several automations when we are not home. That helper is also synced with a Google Home virtual switch so both ecosistems know when I’m away.

Now, it would be great if I could disable my alarms when I went on holiday and enable them when I come back. But apparently, that’s impossible.

  • First, if there is a combination of words in the english or spanish language that will make a repetitive alarm be created correctly, I couldn’t find it. “Create a repetitive alarm from monday to friday at seven fifteen AM” seems to be too confusing, and so are the many other tries I made. And as you can’t mess with the devices alarms on their automations, the google side of things is just impossible.
  • Home Assistant is even more painful. It has the same problems and also the Google Assistant SDK just doesn’t work with Nest hubs.

Has anyone tried to do something similar?

Have you looked at this Integration?

That looks exactly what I needed. Thank you so much, I’ll give it a go.