Google Nest Integration breaks every few days

I was able to get my Google Nest integration working, but I am finding that every 4 or 5 days it seems to break. I was wondering if anyone else had seen that…

I find that if I reboot Home Assistant, I will get a warning in Integrations that Google Nest needs to reauthorize. If I do that, I am back in business, but I would prefer to get more proactive warnings of the issue.


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I’ve heard this reported commonly for some users but have not seen this myself. Google is revoking the tokens for some reason.

You can turn up debug logging in the oauth libraries to get more detail if you want to try that…

We may have found the culprit, related to configuration of the oauth consent screen, being discussed on this thread.

I had the same issue. Go to APIs & Services, make sure any relevant items are “In production” status. One of mine was in Testing status.


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