Google nest integration causes crash and restart of Home assistant

I just thought I would try and document a very predictable show stopping issue( heart in throat kind of situation).
I had the opportunity to update the hardware I was running Home Assistant on. I have been running it previously in VM on synology. I backed up the VM by exporting an OVA and imported it onto the new machine running on the newest version of DSM. I noticed it was restarting itself and I looked at the logs and it had a watchdog incorrect homeassistant api in the supervisor log.
I couldn’t really see a cause in any of the logs.
I then downloaded the official ova installed that and restored from a back up inside of home assistant. The same behavior of restarts occurred and I began contemplating the task of starting from base and re-adding everything one at a time and the drop in WAF and everything.
So at one point I was madly scrolling through the front end trying to get to my bedroom lights before the darn thing restarted so that my wife could go to bed and I realized it was the scrolling that was causing the restarts.
I found that scrolling down to the google nest integration that was displaying a camera was were it was causing this crash and restart. I have since disabled the integration and restarted and now I am not getting the crashing and restarting.
Question is there a way to get this integration back without a total reinstall of the integration. Does anybody know what the particular issue is or run into this situation? I am actually glad it was probably just this and not something like a hardware usb passthrough glitch or something that would force me back to the other hardware

no help? I am using hassos and most of the threads describing similiar problems seem to ha core.

Was hoping a couple of updates might help but sadly no. All my other cameras don’t cause an issue but as soon as HA trys to open that specific camera stream for a Google nest hub it causes a restart of home assistant.

Anybody know what the issue is. What’s the best way to trouble shoot it?