Google Nest integration vs. Nest Protect for Nest thermostats

I currently am using both integrations where:

  • Google Nest integration recognizes the thermostats themselves, providing a temperature and humidity entity for each Nest Thermostat
  • Nest Protect recognizes the Remote Sensor Pucks returning a temperature entity for each Nest Puck

My understanding is that the Google Nest integration provides the temperature of whatever sensor (internal or remote) is currently used by the thermostat.

Hence, when the Thermostat is set to use the internal sensor, then I am able to independently track both the Thermostat and the Remote temperatures using the entities provided by the two different Nest integrations

However, when the Thermostat is set to use the remote sensor, then it seems like I am double-tracking the remote sensor (once through the Google Nest integration and once through the Nest Protect integration) but I am not tracking at all the internal thermostat sensor.


  • What is the right way to independently and consistently track both internal and remote Nest temperature sensors
  • Is there a way to add the internal thermostat temperature sensor to Nest Protect? (currently it only detects the Remote Puck)