Google Nest Intergration Problem

Good afternoon,

I’m just getting started with HA in docker. I’ve done all the steps in the Nest configuration guide. I’ve set everything up with Nabu Casa, have my google Device Access Console set up with a project. Have everything done in google for the API. I have my configuration.yaml correctly edited.

I’m able to go to integrations within HA and start the process with the Nest integration. It gets all the way to the end and looks like its successful but the integration tile never shows up.

When i go to my Google Home app it asked me if i wanted to set up Home Assistant which i did. Restarted my rpi with the HA instance and still cant get the tile to show up.

Went all the way through the video at but I stopped at the json portion as far as adding information to the sensor.yaml but i will proceed with that if i need to.

Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Do you have any interesting details in logs? How about interesting requests or errors in the request logs shown in chrome developer tools after redirecting back from the Google oauth slow?

I am completely new to this and figuring it all out. How would i go about pulling the correct logs?

I looked at the Logs in HA and have this:

Logger: homeassistant.config_entries
First occurred: 10:01:01 AM (2 occurrences)
Last logged: 10:01:32 AM

Error occurred loading configuration flow for integration nest/: No module named 'homeassistant.components.nest/'

I don’t think you need to do anything in that video outside of the instructions, and only the instructions on the nest integrations page.

That is a very odd log message. In particular unclear why that “/” is on the end of that loading message. Is there a slash like that in your configuration.yaml or something?

This is what i have in the configuration.yaml

  client_id: my_id_XXXXX
  client_secret: my_secret_XXXXX
  # "Project ID" in the Device Access Console
  project_id: a5c44634-956f-494c-9cb9-2632ff4926a9
  # Provide the full path exactly as shown under "Subscription name" in Google Cloud Console
  subscriber_id: projects/sdm-prod/topics/enterprise-XXXXX

This is also a brand new install so this and google calendar are the only things in my configuration.yaml

Ok that all looks good. Is this a partial install? Unclear why it can’t load the python module that shipped with home assistant. Any manual editing of .storage/ files happening?

Also not sure how the Google home app got invoked in this. Did you also set up a google assistant integration at the same time?

What docker image is being used?

This is the guide i used for the install:

The Pi image is Debian 10 booted from a 64g SD card.

no manual editing of storage. The only thing i deviated on that set up was to setup sudo when the sudo commands weren’t working.

I did the google cast set up upon the initial install phase and that worked seamlessly. I can access my HA via nabucasa and thats what i’m using for the Google API OAuth 2.0. I’ve set up the device access console. I just cant get the integration tile to complete the installation.

the only file editing/yaml editing i’ve done is via the visual studio code inside of HA.

I just checked and the version of Python that the rpi is running is 3.7.3
Docker is version 20.10.5, build 55c4c88