Google rant and doorbell recommendation

Hello! I have questions :slight_smile:
It seems that for many google has been slowly loosing its appeal. I have quite a bit of google dependencies, but at the same time I really can’t stand the fact that 60% of the time I can’t set a timer or start playing music without having to restart the device. It does understand me, as the transcription shows, but just doesn’t know how to do anything. Seems it might be related to the fushia upgrade, as the timeline of my woes with google devices seem to suggest. Unfortunately in terms of smart assistant, it does seem like Alexa has the advantage at this point.
For instance, I can manage actionable notifications, notifications sent will resume the video/audio after the notification (come on google…)
It seems the only thing I would be losing the the ability to cast Lovelace.

Now for my question…
As I am ready to chuck my nest/google home devices, I need to replace my thermostat, which is easy, but I also need to replace my video doorbell.
I am therefore looking for recommendations on a video doorbell that will integrate with both HA and Alexa (in the sense that it will send a feed of the camera to an Alexa show automatically when someone rings the doorbell or if there is motion in front of the door.
I also would like a camera that has sensors in HA for button press and motion available to HA with minimu delay. Preferably not a battery powered one. I also would prefer to avoid a PoE one as running the cable next to the doorframe is very complicated due to some decisions the builders made.

Anyhoo, any help would be greatly appreciated.


Can I recommend you edit your subject to make it clear you’re after a camera recommendation? Right now a lot of people will skip your post as it appears to be a rant against Google.