Google Response (Chime VS loud verbose)

Hi Guys,

I have flashed a Deta Grid switch for my Bathroom it works really well.

It has three buttons: Light, Fan, Heat
I have exposed them as a Light, Switch, Switch.

I am using Nabu Casa for voice control, I have added each entity into the ‘Bathroom’ room.

However, when I say:
“OK Google, turn on the light” Response: Chime
“OK Google, turn on the fan” Response: “OK Turning on the bathroom fan”
“OK Google, turn on the heat” Response: “OK Turning on the bathroom heat”

How do I get the response to just Chime every time, the verbal response is very verbose and loud!

If you create input_booleans that you toggle with Google Home then the response is nothing.
That means you could send a chime sound from Home Assistance when the boolean switches.

You would need a routine to make sure you don’t have to say “Ok Google, switch on input_boolean…”
But it will still not be a good solution since HA-GH is not position aware.
“So turn on the fan” will always turn on this fan, not the fan in the room.

The problem you encounter is Google Home issue. It’s sad there is so little customisation on those parts in GH