Google sheet integration not working correct | The sheet to add data to is missing

Hello all,

Yesterday I Installed the new Google spreadsheet installation. I followed the guide from HA and also checked a Youtube video to know if the Installation is done correctly. I also deleted the Project in Google Console and created a new one, just to be sure. Didn’t solve my problem.

After some research I couldn’t find my answer online so I hope that someone can help me here!

The installation is done correctly but when I want to create an automation or test the service, I can’t find my sheet.

The sheet to add data to”

The sheet to add data to isn’t found by Home Assistant. It is however created in my Google Drive but I can’t add data if I can’t link a service to it. Is there someone else having this issue? I also installed my Nest thermostat via another project in the Google Cloud console, could this be the problem? I saw others having 2 projects and a working integration so I think it isn’t really a problem.