Google Speaker State Does Not Go To Idle Anymore?


I recently noticed that my Google Speaker doesn’t go on “idle” anymore after casting an audio. Before, whenever I cast something, the state would go to idle after it plays an audio. But now, it doesn’t go on idle. The state stays on playing even after playing the audio.

Some of my automations depend on the idle state of the speaker to proceed to it’s next steps (wait trigger). I’m wondering why the states now are either “playing” or “off”.

I could add a timeout after the wait trigger, but I think it’s not that efficient as not all audio have the same length.

Was there any changes in Home Assistant regarding this? Or is this a hardware issue specifically the speaker? Are there anyone out there experiencing this too?

By the way, how can I find a list of states available for a device?

Reported here:

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So it’s an issue with the latest core update 2021.12.3.

I rolled it back to 2021.12.0 this morning. Fixed.