Google support says HA Cloud by nabu casa is removed from the support list

I think what the support agent said is totally BS. But I surely cannot link to the “home assistant cloud by nabu casa” service in google home app. Has anyone encountered this?

I mean I see it in the list of things I can add. You don’t?

Well I can see those, too.

This is the same screenshot I sent to google support. But I can’t get any service(HA cloud by nabu casa / my own service established by Google Cloud Platform) linked.
It just pop out after a loading page.

Ok well I don’t really have a way to test the Nabu Casa cloud option so someone else will have to comment on that. I will say my [test] Home Assistant one made via GCP works fine. I linked it a while ago so I guess there could be a problem with linking it. I’m not going to unlink it to test though as I don’t wnat to mess up my house’s stuff lol.