Google Tasks integration, due date with TIME on To-do

I am able to add an item to my to-do list that is connected to my Google Tasks using the built in Google Tasks integration.

I can even set a due date as follows:

  • service: todo.add_item
    - todo.my_tasks
    item: >-
    {{‘New task ’ + (now().timestamp() |
    due_date: “{{((now().timestamp() + 86400)| timestamp_custom(‘%Y-%m-%d’))}}”

Unfortunately the due_datetime doesn’t work for Google Tasks.

Why does this matter? Only Tasks with a time set are seen by Google Assistant and so I don’t get reminders on my Nest devices.

Please add!

I don’t think this is possible. The problem likely lies with the fact that the Google Tasks API only accepts a date for the due field; time portions are discarded. Here’s the Google issue page I’ve been following for a while now - Google Issue Tracker. It doesn’t seem likely to be fixed by Google anytime soon though… It’s been open for 4+ years.

Thanks for checking!
I added a +1 to that feature request and a related one.