Google Travel Time multiple transit_mode

I am trying to have an “as accurate as possible” time travel from my work to home so I am fooling around with different settings of preference at google maps.

  • I am using the bus and the subway to get back home.

So, when I choose my preference (bus and subway) at maps, and also use the less walking option, I get a very accurate time from work to home.
The thing is that I cant do the same at the component.
I can only use one option eg bus or subway. Is that true, or is there a workaround which I am obviously missing?

    mode: transit
    departure_time: now
    transit_routing_preference: less_walking
    transit_mode: subway, bus // this is not working (duh), I just wanted to make a point here.

The api can only accept one transit_mode and each subsequent one would require another call. This is google’s api btw. So the only way to get more than one transit_mode is to have more than one sensor. Remember, if you have a ton of api calls, it could cost you money.

Thank you for the answer. Unfortunately using a second sensor wouldn’t make any difference because the settings when separated dont show the correct time. It has to be subway AND bus in order to show the correct time.
Nevermind, I just wanted to make sure there isn’t a workaround for this.
Thanks again!

well do you know the exact points in which you walk and ride? If so, make a sensor for each ‘leg’ of the trip and combine the result at the end.

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Huh! Thats a good idea, actually… I might try this! Thank you for this!