Google_travel_time reads wrong zone information

my google_travel_time sensor works quite fine since some days ago.

  - platform: google_travel_time
    name: christian_work
    api_key: !secret ga_apikey
    origin: zome.home
    destination: zome.tim

Now the sensor detects my zone somewhere in the US but not in Germany where i live. The Map shows my zones correct. Are there errors in the 0.107 Version? I did not know it the error was on the latest 0.106.


It looks like this bug

Which has already been fixed and merged as of 5 days ago. It should be in the next update.

In the meantime, replace your origin and destination with non-zone values if you need it to work right now.

Ah. Thank you. At the moment this issue is less important for me, because i have to work from home. I can wait for the fix.