Google TTS & Sonos File not found

When calling the google TTS service on my sonos media_players the service is called successfully and I can see the .mp3 file via the sonos app. BUT the sonos app presents an error saying ‘file not found’. I am running HA in a docker and on the host I can find the mp3 files created by the google tts service calls. They are located at ~/.homeassistant/tts/. I have ran a

sudo chmod -R 777 tts/

from the .homeassistant directory, restarted the docker and retested to assure it wasn’t a permission issue and got the same error. Anyone else experience this? Any fixes that can be recommended?

Same issue…
Did you ever find a solution to this?

Thanks in advance !

Hi, I’m having the same problem and I’m also running from docker. It seems that sonos can’t play the file because it has no permission to my homeassistant site. How can I give it access? On hhtp I’ve got the correct base_url set up. What can be wrong?? No errors on logs either. Please help me with this.:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

This is the error message I get from sonos when trying to play an mp3 when a google play service is called:

“the connection to was lost”
Translated: “xxx.mp3 file couldn’t be played. The connection with was lost”
Any idea?? Thanks again.