Google TTS through Xiaomi Gateway?

Is it possible to use Google Text to Speech to play through the Xiaomi Gateway? I’ve found this from OpenHAB but not sure if it’s the same or possible with HA?

Ideally I want to run a script that returns what windows are open, and play them back through the Xiaomi Gateway. “These Windows are currently open. Hallway Window, Kitchen Window etc…”

Any help would be appreciated thank you.

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I wonder if she will say it with a Chinese accent. I can’t imagine the sound quality would up there with Google or alexa but I could see a use for this.

have a look at xiaomi_aqara.play_ringtone in

You will need to use some form of tts to create the MP3 files (google tts for example) then upload them to the hub using the MIHOME app (hass has no upload functionality).

then you can use them as ‘ring tones’ when required in automations.

From the link you provided, I guess it is doable on hass.