Google WiFi internet control options

I have Google WiFi routers in my home of internet service and one of my favorite things about the device is the ability to setup schedules. I use schedules currently to shut off the internet to my kids devices when it’s past their bedtime. I can also click “pause” on a group of devices to pause the internet connection outside of the set times schedules.

My request is specifically for automating my children’s chores. My son has cystic fibrosis and has to use a vest that shakes him to help him breath. He also has autism and adhd which causes him to choose playing games on his computer rather than doing his chores or using his vest. Currently I have his vest using a smart switch with energy monitoring and that send me a notification when his vest treatment has been done so he can’t lie to me about using it.

I would love to be able to automate this process and have a chores list that they need to check off and some sensors to confirm these things have been done before the internet will be turned on for their devices again.

Is there currently anyway to control the (family wifi) settings in Googe WiFi or anyway that it could be implemented?

I don’t think there is an open API available for Google WiFi, but have a look at using IFTTT: I am also looking into this and will report any progress I make.

Yea I saw this

Which is why I figured it could somehow be implemented directly into home assistant. What is ifttt using to send these commands that home assistant can’t?

I am looking at building an IFTTT applet and then using the Home Assistant send IFTTT service to trigger an event in IFTTT and use the Google WiFi services available on the IFTTT platform. Should not be to hard. IFTTT uses among other things REST API:s to talk to devices. Even if there is no public API published, if the services needed for Google WiFi is available in IFTTT, it should be doable.

So, the problem to build a native integration in Home Assistant directly is that there is no public REST API available, but IFTTT is a possible work-around.