Google wifi pro wifi as thread/matter router on HA ( not using sky connect multi protocol)

Hello all

I have HA set up on latest version running skyconnect usb for zigbee home automation.

Everything is fine.

My HA is connected via ethernet.

My home wifi is set up on 3 Google Pro wifi mesh hubs.

I have google home and managed to commission a EVE motion sensor fine.

However i am unable to add anything to the home assistant matter integration.

I have the THREAD integration installed it can see the google routers

I also have the matter (beta) integration installed on my HA.

What i have NOT done is set the skyconnect to be multi protocol. ( i do not want sky connect to be oart of my thread network so did not enable this) i want just the google hubs to be the thread mesh. As it works fine and i can pair via google home.

My issue is i am unable to get HA to pair any matters items.

Any suggestions ?

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I am having a very similar issue. Since Matter uses Bluetooth to commission some devices, make sure your Bluetooth device is supported.

Also on the Matter Server Github page there are some requirements if you are running Home Assistant in Docker. I would check them again.

I was successful to pair Eve sensors and plugs but only after a couple of attempts and through HomeKit. I was not able to commission any Nanoleaf Devices.