Google's New Home Hub Is A1

Just got this thing this morning. Started adding a few things from HA and I absolutely love it!! This is perfect, I can control pretty much evrrything, I am going to look into changing some of the icons…not sure it’s possible though. Thought I’d share:)


This is exactly what I hope to do. Hopefully, I can get this working with my Abode alarm (including locks) and the rest of my stuff (Ecobee, Lutron Caseta, Lifx). Any tips to get the devices to show up as the right device type? I’m new to HA and can use all the help I can get. Thanks in advance.

You can get all of that in there. Ecobee works fine, I use that. No special config needed it works native with google. I have hue lights, I didnt sync them to google though, i sync them to home assistant then expose them that way to google. So i can create more groups and lights in more than 1 room. Its also a lot faster oddly enough. They show up as lights fine. Scripts do not show up in home view on google, so I just created input booleans since they show up in home view on google. just create an automation so when that boolean is flipped it controls what you need. Sonos shows up nicely, no grouping control though just volume. I created some scripts (and booleans) to group speakers as I like them normally. Both Nvidia Shield and harmony show up nicely with full controls.

Oh and you cant control locks. I have an august and it shows up fine and shows the state, but there is a note saying you cant control locks. Myq works great too…with a boolean.

Should I expect to be able to view statuses for my HA locks via Home Hub? That would be great. I don’t see them in the Home app currently, but maybe the Home Hub has additional functionality.

I have the August lock and it shows up and shows status. Just no control. I’m sure you could create an input Boolean and automation to control it if you need. Just have ha unlock it

Thank you for all of your responses. I’m new to HA, and it’s nice to have such a helpful community. One more question. Does the August lock also show up in your Home app?

Yea it will show up and show the status, just cant control it.

So, I’ve tried adding my locks (Schlage Connect) both through Abode and directly paired via Z-Wave. I can control them just fine through HASS, but neither method gives me lock status in the Google Home app or on the Hub. Anything I can try to get it working?

Im really not sure, I only have an august lock


As of Home Assistant version 0.83, all of my locks are now showing in Google Home. I have 2 synced from my Abode Gateway and another paired directly to Home Assistant (RPi3 with via Z-Wave.

How did you get your Harmony to show up on the Hub?

It’s not. It’s all ha.

I use to connect the native services to Google but it’s easier to manage and more customizable shoving everything into ha and just linking ha to Google. It’s actually very noticeably faster too. At least my two hue hubs respond probably 2 sec faster this way.

What are you looking at and trying to do I can share what I did.

I just saw the above and was curious about how you did that. I’m doing the same as you with having as much in HA where possible. What’s the shield icon in your Family Room?

Yea…poorly worded, i meant home assistant pulls it and then displays it nice. Really im mainly using my harmony hubs to control fans and fireplaces at this point. the shield is very tightly integrated with google and youtube tv. its beeen working flawlessly for awhile now, I have 3 rooms with a shiled, some google devices…any room im in i just say hey google turn on espn or turn on cnn. dont have to say the service or the room, and it works perfect, thats been a blessing lol.

I did just change august over with this new update…its cool being able to control that lock without providing a pin…(it took forever and was useless before)