GoogleTV App

Is there a Google / Android TV app? Is it possible to send messages to the TV just like the phone?

Take a look at this integration:

It requires an application installed on the TV, but it will do what you desire.

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I think it does 50%. I can’t see the dashboards, right?

The aforementioned integration/application is for notifications only. If you’re looking for dashboards, you might explore a web browser application that will work on Google/Android TV.

The current HA application does not work on Google/Android TV.

Any plans of migrating the phone app to the TV?

I’m not the app developer so I don’t know. Maybe someone else will chime in.

You can use the Cast Integration to send your dashboard to the TV.

An interesting idea. For me, it won’t help since other members will not know how do that. I hope a TV app will be easy enough for them to use.

you can sideload the app, but the HA web interface is not designed to be controlled using the d-pad so its a bit tedious to move around

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I don’t know if there will ever be resourcing for that but it would be amazing if a tailored HA app existed for Google TV :slight_smile:

I’m curious, what’s the use case for this? What would you control from the remote on your TV that you wouldn’t write an automation for?

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Also not every single corner case can be automated - I don’t know if you’d want to control anything from your TV necessarily but having the option would be nice. But to me the coolest use case would be having a dashboard. I can absolutely see tinkerers even repurposing old TVs to run massive dashboards on – because you know… :slight_smile:
Of course, you could run from a browser running on the TV.
So all-in-all it’s pretty hard to justify spending the time to write a dedicated TV app but it would be a nice-to-have.

Yes or run a browser TV app, but I don’t think it quite works the same as a native solution would.

@teek541 Roughly speaking

  • Dashboards to see what is going on. (Web browser work around).

    • Weather report
    • Local air quality.
    • Indoor air quality.
    • Energy usage
  • Getting notifications is a nice to have. I see there is another workaround for this but the app might be better. (Notifications for Android TV / Fire TV - Home Assistant)

    • CO2 level is high
    • someone is at the door
  • At some point I want to install an outside video + audio door bell or light bulb camera for a live feed. I might need to use a tablet for this but would prefer the TV. E.G. Who is at the door and what do they want.

    • I can automate the outdoor walkway and door lights. No real need for a TV app for that.
    • get a notification that some is at / near the door. Would like a TV notification for that
    • See who is at the door
    • Talk with the person at the door

Got ya. I was thinking doing messaging from the TV, You mean actionable notifications to Google TV?

Yes. I don’t want to send someone a text message from the TV. I want an “alert” that someone is at the door. A virtual door bell. Also useful for the backyard. Is someone prowling around?

Make sense @teek541 ?

I’ve got the app sideloaded on my TV, it is miserable to navigate with the remote, so I did all the setup with a kb/m attached, and set a single default dashboard view with no interactivity, just some camera streams and so on. One other benefit of the app is that it does expose sensors, such as a light sensor for my TV.
I’ve also got notifications for android TV set up, but never actually set up any notifications that go to the TV, so I’m unclear on if that integration offers anything that the app itself can’t do.
That reminds me, I need to get the latest companion installed to see if I can set the TV to use HA’s voice assistant via the remote instead of Google’s.

Does the sideloaded app allow notifications to show up over the top of what you are watching? The PiPup app allows for notifications as a ‘picture in picture’ type thing, plus you can set a time for them to automatically disappear.

The companion app, when sideloaded, requests the android permission to display over other apps. I’ve got no notifications set up for it right now, though.