GoogleVoice issue

I’m having an issue with google voice not sending my automation texts. I can see in the log that they are executing but I’m not getting any texts. Has anyone else had issues like this?

16-07-26 10:26:53 homeassistant.helpers.script: Script testing: Running script
16-07-26 10:26:53 homeassistant.helpers.script: Script testing: Executing step call service
16-07-26 10:26:53 homeassistant.core: Bus:Handling <Event call_service[L]: service_call_id=1980786832-1, service_data=target=[redacted], message=this is a test, service=NOTIFIER_NAME, domain=notify>

Yep. Try setting the name: and then use notify.[name you set]

name: mygooglevoice


I had the same issue and had to abandon it. I believe it’s due to the 2 step authentication -> Google voice 2fa

I’ll try to rename it. But it was working fine for several months without an issue. I setup a google voice number just for this so I decided not use the 2 step authentication.

I don’t know if it is 2factor… I had this working just fine… then on July 16th (release of 0.24) it stopped. Maybe it is a coincidence…

I think that’s about when my stopped working.

I haven’t tried this in some time now but was sure it was due to the 2factor and it seem like others confirmed it too. Maybe not implementing it allowed it to work?? It would be my preferred method if it worked for me but no luck. Hopefully you’ll get it squared away.

I’ve got the same issue, stopped working with the 0.24 release.

I don’t have 2factor enabled, and I have that setting that allows any “untrusted” app to connect. Should work. Ran hass at command line, didn’t see any errors. Not sure how to debug this.

Me either. My log is showing that it is activating the component and sending the notification but the Google Voice dashboard doesn’t show any activity.

My GoogleVoice stopped working also and a couple days ago I noticed on the Home Assistant Github there were conversations about this: Looks like the component is going to be deprecated.

I like SMS messaging, so I opted for AWS SNS as my replacement.

Had the same issue. Switched to using the smtp component with sms gateways & works much better IMO. :ok_hand:
Plus you can use sms or mms depending on the provider.:+1:

Big List:

Wikipedia Info:

I read several things about pricing. One said it was free up to a million texts and another said it was free for the first 100. Are you paying anything?

It can cost. SMS is free for the first 100 each month. After that it can cost you… All of mine are sent to AT&T and the price is $.00645/text. I’m only using this for important messages, so if I do happen to go over my 100 allotment then the next 1000 will only cost $6.45 should that happen!