Gosuna smart socket integration available?

I hope I put my question in the right subdirectory.

I do have some gosuna switches/sockets as well as a 2 channel switch from sonoff which I would like to integrate into home assistant to create a partially automated microgreens environment on a small scale.

Is there any integration available or do I have to get into flashing it with Tasmota?


Which switches work out of the box with home assistant?

I have a lot of Gosund switches.
I flashed them all with Tasmota using TuyaConvert on an old Raspberry Pi.
No muss no fuss.

If it’s Gosund I think you can just use the Tuya integration though.

Yes, I heard on flashing it with Tasmota. I just thought there might be an integration available.
I’ll try Tuya and if not I’ll flash’em.

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