Got a CC2531 and started using ZHA today, it went well until it stopped adding new devices

Hey all,

So I got my zigbee stick today and began migrating the lights on my hue hub and some of my zigbee stuff from smartthings over to ZHA.

So far I have about 11 devices connected. 10 of them are lights - they are plugged in and act as routers, 1 is a battery powered zigbee toggle switch. In the few hours they have been up they have worked really well. These devices are in various places in the apartment.

However I have had some issues. The most major is that I cannot add additional lights or devices. I have reset the lights, I have moved them closer to my stick and/or the routers, I’ve restarted Home Assistant and I am really not sure what to do to add them. I was hoping and I was on pace to finish before my wife got home - not so much anymore. I have 5 lights left, 2 Hue, 2 Tradfri and 1 Gledopto - all from my hue hub. Right now one tradfri and one hue strip have been unpaired from the hub and reset but wont connect.

The next issue could be related to the above, my Osram Zigbee Plug wont get added. This was the first device that would not add.

The last issue is my Osram LED Strip, which did connect, but did not work. So it would show up as an unknown entity and report as off - even though it was on. I have since removed it from ZHA.

  1. What do you need me to show you in order for you to help?
  2. Are there any suggestions otherwise?

Thank you in advance.

You may be running into the cc2531 hardware limit.

I thought the device limit was 20 - I only have 11.

It was also my understanding that the hardware limit was expanded by routers.

From the FAQ:
the default Zigbee2mqtt CC2531 firmware indeed supports 20 devices connected directly to the coordinator. However, by having routers in your network the network size can be extended. Probably all AC powered devices e.g. bulbs serve as a router, you can even use another CC2530/CC2531 as a router (which has a limit of 21 devices).

Example #

When using the default Zigbee2mqtt CC2531 coordinator firmware + 2 CC2531 routers your device limit will be:

  • Coordinator: 15 - 2 routers = 13
  • Router 1: 21
  • Router 2: 21
  • Device limit of 55 devices

Would this same thing not apply, given that the firmware on the stick is the same as the Zigbee2MQTT?

Maybe you are right, but I really hope not.

I think 15 is the correct number but there may be an alternative firmware that ups it to 20.

Nevertheless you still shouldn’t have reached the limit.

Would 15 be true even if there are devices that are labeled as routers?

I am not sure of the mechanism of joining a network when you are joining via a router.

I have same problem. Can you solved it? I wont buy another stick or hub :frowning: I hope that CC2531 has 15 devices, not 11 :frowning:

I was eventually able to add some more by pulling the stick out and putting it back in. That said I switched to the ZZH! Which seems to be a better TI board and has an antenna. Its been amazing since.

Update to the latest firmware. It fixes a bug which prevents adding new devices after a while.

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