Got strange Recorder message in logs

The recorder backlog queue reached the maximum size of 68258 events; usually, the system is CPU bound, I/O bound, or the database is corrupt due to a disk problem; The recorder will stop recording events to avoid running out of memory

HAOS is running in PI4 with 4GB of RAM. Totally there are about 40 sensors, vast majority - temp and switches. CPU never goes above 25% and that happens only when backup is taken and uploaded to onedrive nightly using the onedrive add-on. Memory utilization never goes about 40%.

What can caused the above message and how to fix it? Recorder setting is to keep events for 2 weeks.


Verify storage not full

Any other issues?

Isn’t all else fails delete the database

Reboot fixes the issue. Storage has 80GB free space. I would rather not delete the DB.