GOVEE bluetooth polling interval

I’ve recently added 8 GOVEE bluetooth sensors to HA which work great, but I need to change the polling interval because its killing the batteries.

However, I cannot find anywhere to change it. There is no option to ‘configure’ govee on the integration page under settings.

I must be missing something super obvious! Please help!


HA running on RPI 3 B+

Have you figured this out as I’m in the same situation. Thanks

Nope, apparently not many folks use govee :man_shrugging:

Not sure why as they are cheap and have been great. Turns out it’s not eating as much battery as I thought.

Right? I’m keeping a close eye on the batteries, but I also think it might not be as bad as I initially thought. I have Govee Bluetooth sensors that have been running for three years without battery replacement. Two of them are approaching 50% battery. I loved how they just showed up in HA when I first booted up the pi for the first time. It couldn’t be any easier…:laughing: