Govee Blurtooth issue with Shelly BLE

Hi all,
I have several Govee Bluetooth Hygrometer Thermometer H5075 and they are connected via Shelly 2 PM bluetooth observer.

Normally they are working as expected. I have Home Assistant 2023.10.5, Govee Bluetooth integration and 5075 is listed as supported devices.

Temp WH

With 1 device I have some issues, its reporting 46°C regulary. With Govee App on my smartphone I only see good values in the log. I think there seems an issue with Shelly BLE oberserver. Where can I further search to solve the issue.

5075 is on latest FW 1.04.06.
Shelly Plus 2PMs (3 pieces) as well 20231219-133951/1.1.0-g34b5d4f

All other but 1 Govees are working fine. (no difference in active or passive BLE)

any hints?