Govee hacs integration problem H605C

I got the t2 govee.

Help govee ambilight integration! Once the govee ambilight has been of for a night, it wont wake via home assistant dashboard? Or automations. It will wake in native app. And for a while automations and toggle within ha works. Then after a few hours nothing in ha with gove will woik again :confused: any help?

Do you have the Govee T1 also? I do and had the same issue. The WiFi disconnected often. Govee sent some hints when I inquired through the app. When it didn’t work, they asked for my Amazon order number and address and forwarded a whole kit replacement.

I just replaced the controller and that seemed to be the issue for me. The Govee API for ha seems to always timeout polling the device and log warnings but the commands through dashboard and automation are working fine. I’ve only had the WiFi disconnect issue repeat once since replacing the Govee T1 controller but my router was dropping WiFi devices at that time. I factory reset it but a recent router update improved that issue.

Like many smart home devices, I have to connect my mobile phone to 2.4G to connect these devices to Internet. I can’t recall what Govee was suggesting I do other than that. And the Govee app often fails to refresh the WiFi connection icon when I open that. I’ve noticed the mobile app still say to be close to the controller when updating the firmware. The app uses Bluetooth to communicate so the WiFi icon is latent to appear or doesn’t appear before I’m closing the app. Those were my complaints to Govee prior to replacing the whole device but just seems all the above is noticable even when the device is responding to ha commands as expected. Maybe that detailed experience helps to sort what you’re seeing if it’s a clouded situation worsened by a true hardware issue. I’ve also noticed the T1 backlight will flicker if TV is black or off and T1 is in game mode. I thought the flicker was the power supply initially but it wasn’t. Normal video doesn’t do the flicker on black.

I’m considering the T2 for a new TV for the exercise room. Would you suggest the T2 over the T1?

I will answer fully at a later time. But i got it working having an automation that turns the t2 on and off for a second once a day.

Aha so a solution would be getting a new controller for the govee. I dont think i want to spend time doing that. my workaround starting/stopping in the morning seems to do the trick. :slight_smile:
The T2 is somewhat better, more accurate but not by a wide margin (my frien has a T1). But im a big amilight enthusiast so im building my own now hyperion. (way better (faster more accurate) than both the govee or lightpack or hue syncbox) so id suggest looking in to that rather than going with the T2. If you want a T2 pm me when im done with my project and you could have mine for cheap :smiley: