Govee Lan integration with Vlans?

I was just curious if anyone has been able to get the govee lan integration working across vlans?

Mine don’t seem to be showing up and I know the docs said they have to be on the same network but I was hoping someone had a work around or some firewall rules to still get it working.

I am curious as well. I have 2 separate VLANs (Trusted, IOT) in my Unifi Setup, where Home Assistant is in my trusted network as a docker container (with network_mode “host”) and my Govee lights are part of IOT.
Using the govee-lan-hass integration I am not able to control the lights via LAN API.

Sorry to bump this - but I am also looking into this.
I guess you might need to masquerade the Home Assistant server IP into the IOT network so Govee thinks it is on the same VLAN. It’s not something I have experience in though.

Has anyone managed this?

Seconding the bump. I’m still struggling to overcome this limitation myself.
Particularly as it’s now the only remaining device I can’t “localise” within my HA world.