Govee local integration - bluetooth models?

Looking at this integration it seems to imply (but doesn’t outright say) that the bluetooth versions are supported. If the first 5 characters of the model number matches, does this mean that this model also has wifi, and can be enabled therefore?

I have several govee lights with Bluetooth/WiFi and have no issue getting them working via mqtt integration & ‘govee to mqtt Bridge’ addon.

Have you tried these or need any help?

I’m just about to buy some, and wanting to make sure they will work. So the bluetooth ones also have wifi by the sound of it?

If you haven’t bought any yet, I’d invest a little time on the govee website to lookup the lights you’re interested in, check the detailed specs for the connectivity method.

I can say from personal experience that Bluetooth is only used used for initial setup for the most part, once you connect via Bluetooth and do the WiFi search, pick and enter your WiFi pass, you won’t need Bluetooth turned on, on your phone, and once you have the govee stuff into home assistant it’s easy enough to trigger your lighting presets via voice, homesfreen shortcuts (either govee’s or HA’s) or set timers or other conditions.

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Cool… thinking about it, I remember having the same confusion with HUE when they started bringing out Bluetooth models - they didn’t make it clear from the surface of it, that Bluetooth was an addition and that they still supported Zigbee.