Govee smart kettle support

I’m so pleased with the new Bluetooth support!

I have a Govee Bluetooth “smart” kettle that I would love to be able to use via Home Assistant. It only works via a clunky iOS app that doesn’t even have Shortcuts support, so it’s a pain to use.

How can I help make that happen? I have a Manjaro system so I can learn how to sniff packets.

Thank you!

I have some Govee Bluetooth string lights and would like to see support for them as well!

The Govee app does have Apple Shortcuts support. Govee also plans to include their appliances in their API, which should be coming in about a week with the 5.2 update. This should allow Govee appliances to be controlled via the Govee HACS integration.

For now, I’d recommend using a smart plug. In the future, support for these Bluetooth-only Govee devices could be added with the new native Bluetooth support for HomeAssistant. Someone just needs to develop it.

@bdraco is there anything we could do to assist you in adding other govee bluetooth products?

You could open a PR to add them. The integration needs additional maintainers

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