Govee Thermometer Hydrometer H5074 - Junk!

First the range is a joke. They say 262 feet and it won’t do 40 feet if there is a wall in the way. I verified that with 2 different devices that have zero issue going well over 150 feet through several walls. I have left my phone in the house and been outside over 200 feet from my headphones with no issue but need to be not more than 30 feet from this thing. I have an XDO Long range dongle that can’t talk to this thing from 40 feet with a wall between them but see’s everything else in and around the house just fine at very long distances through several walls. Next is accuracy. When logged for a day against 3 other devices it is consistently off about 2 degrees (high) from the others. The android app lets you “calibrate” it but it’s not changing the device sensitivity it’s changing the android app output. This thing is pretty much junk as far as I can tell.

UPDATE: The only thing that changed is the temp got to be more accurate after running a couple days but nothing else has changed.