GPIO COVER request

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  platform: rpi_gpio
    - relay_pin: 10
      state_pin: 11
    - relay_pin: 12
      state_pin: 13
      name: 'Right door'

is it possible to make the relay pin inverted (inverts the output logic to ACTIVE LOW)
and the state pin also inverted (so if the pin not grounded it will show that the garage is close)

Isn’t this what you want?

It’s been in since 0.23.

Yes but I wanted to be able to invert the default setting for example some people’s have door sensor that operate the opposite way . Meaning ( sensing wise ) when it’s grounded to one of the pin it sense that it’s close or the other way around when it’s not grounded it sense that the door is open.

Same as to relay pin. some relay are actively close and actively open. On regular gpio there is an option to invert the logic but not for relay pins.