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this is my first post in this forum. In the past months I started to write my own home automation system in dotnet core, being a software developer in this technology I started as a game and useful exercise, to deepen my knowledge in the IOT field. The aim was to build a solution around my needs, the result was a functional and spartan application, where I wrote each component, therefore not very scalable and a bit limiting. However, it was a useful exercise, I touched on some issues that I previously only knew in theory. So I looked around and discovered Home Assistant, and for a few weeks now I’ve been migrating my home automation to this interesting project.

This is the premise, now the request. I read with some regret the Architectural Decision Record 0019, I understand the reasons well, they are expressed very well, but unfortunately I use several sensors directly connected on GPIO. I have read that the support can be guaranteed by external components (in case an external component will be released by Home Assistant developers that someone, if they wish, will maintain?) and that the advice is to use solutions such as EspHome, but for some contexts having a component directly connected is desirable. Practical example: one of the next things I have to migrate is the alarm system, based on a series of wired sensors for door and windows, for which I have already made my own shield for raspberry, for a critical scenario like this I would like to avoid inserting levels of unreliability as a wifi network can be, possibly I would like to manage the matter with a reliable channel (gpio, hardware physically connected to the raspberry or at most with an ethernet connection), and not having to worry about the availability and reliability of the wifi network, it is one thing is a temperature sensor that if I receive its update after minutes is not a problem, another if I get a notification that I have forced a window after half an hour. Is there any method, even through EspHome, to manage the remote device in a wired way? I know very well that the utility of EspHome is precisely the wifi, but I hope that the need I have expressed is clear.

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Not sure if it helps, but i saw this custom hacs


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All is not lost.
The RP_GPIO component whilst deprecated and will be removed from the core installation can still be used as a custom integration. The integration has already been migrated to another repo and can be installed via HACS or manually and you can continue to use as you did before. Note however that the maintenance of the custom integration now relies on its maintainer on not HA, which at the moment is more than the core one does.

this can be found here
thecode/ha-rpi_gpio: Home Assistant Raspberry Pi GPIO Integration (

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Thank you all for precious informations

For using a wired microcontroller there are, if you are okay with using your network, ethernet boards like the Olimex POE board or the WT32-eth01 board that can be used with ESPHome.

Another option is to use a USB connected arduino board to the server, something I used in the past. You can use the serial integration for this to read out the output value of a sketch. Don’t have experience with sending data via USB to an arduino though. Did see this topic.

Edit: Firmata seems to be a good option as well, as it works over serial and works with YAML code.

And modbus can be an option as a wired protocol, using a USB to serial adapter.