GPMDP force new pin

Hey, I’m having a problem with my Google Play Music Desktop Player instance. Basically I used to have it work, but my PC crashed and I had to reinstall gpmdp. Ever since it doesn’t work, and gpmdp keeps showing me a pin to input. But I don’t know how to input it, because HA seems content with the old connection.

Is there anyway to force HA to start from scratch? I’ve tried removing the component and adding it back, but it doesn’t seem to do anything.

I am having the same issue.
Did you figure it out?


I somehow did. Have you tried deleting the gpmdp.conf file in your config folder?

Yes I deleted it and could not get it to work.
Then I spun up a blank test instance of Hassio in a VM and
registered it and then copied the gpmdp.conf file to my production version of Hassio
and it worked.
I must just need the code and not care what machine it is from.