GPS accuracy after upgrade to iOS 13.4

I upgraded to iOS 13.4 today, and noticed gps_accuracy become very bad.
Here is what device_tracker reports, from HAC app on iOS:
gps_accuracy: 2500
Anyone else seeing the same thing?

iPhone 8 works fine, Only my iPhone XS has this problem too.

Did you find any resolution to this? I am having the same issue…
All of the sudden my alarm turns on, and I am at my kid’s school zone (about 2 miles from home).
gps_accuracy as you described is 2500…I pull down in the app and I am back home, accuracy now 65.
Happened twice this afternoon, very annoying!

iPhone X has me in the correct part of the building I’m in.

I am occasionally seeing Accuracy: 2500. When I refresh, it goes back to normal. I am not sure why though.

I opened a bug for this as the iOS developer will be reviewing all current bugs in the upcoming weeks. Anyone with this issue please leave a note here so we can hopefully identify the root cause.