GPS feed to plot the location on the Map

Hi, how do I create an object on the map and feed it with a constant stream of Lat & Long?

I have a NodeRed flow that captures the Lat and Long from a mobile device and want to see the position plotted on the map of the device, the same way a person is plotted that has the app on their phone…

I can only get the lat/long and nothing else from the device so can’t install the app to have it provide the updates.


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Have a look at device_tracker.see

It creates a device tracker using lat / lon

Hi, would this be for an existing device, or new one? and will it show on the Map in Lovelace?

It can create a new device_tracker and yes it can be displayed on map

Have a search on here, there’s lots of examples

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So I currently have a Lat and Long being stored in an input_text entity (inserted by NodeRed), I can change the format of storage but it currently looks like 53.0095185 -1.20793433
Or I can craft a Call Service node to call a service instead of dumping the values in an input_text, but I’m struggling to get to grips with the device tracker functions in HA. It currently in maps only shows devices mobiles that have the app installed.
Is there a tutorial I can follow to make this happen?

Have a look here:

I think it would be easier if you could create a sensor for each of the lat and lon. I don’t use NR so not sure you can use that, but if not you could use a couple of template sensors

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All resolved. I’ll do a run down on my solution in a couple of days. thanks

hello can you explain your solution I also need a object on the map THX


Did you ever post this? I am in the same situation and can’t figure it out.

Thanks !!

Same thing here. I’m surprised this still hasn’t been addressed yet. lol Lets just show a track on a map, or be able to import gpx files into the map.

Sorry, no, I’ll try and find some time this weekend to post up a short tutorial. :smiley:

Hi dougle03,
i’m interested in your solution. Actually i have the same problem and i’m not sure how to solve.

Thank you very much!

i would like to know the solution to this as well …

I will get round to posting a tutorial: But it will require you to have Node Red as that’s the way I’ve done it using the NEMA node within Node Red to receive the position information from my mobile 4G router that also has a GPS function (WLink).